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Asep Mulyana

Bandung, Jabar 40222

Special Edition

Special Edition Page.

At 8th Dec' Asep Syamsul Hadi and Santi have wedding in HI (Hareupeun Imah) at Bojong soang city. Here's the Photo.....

Selamat menempuh hidupbaru

Asep & Santy
Bandung, 8 Desember 1996
dari kami,
Asep Mulyana (it's me!), Ervan, Lia, Usi, Ahmad, Andre, Andi, Hendra & Dudy

Thanks for join to my page. I hope we can become a friend.First I will introduce my self to you :

My name is Asep Mulyana....but you can just call me Asep.

I was born in Bandung, Indonesia at October 24th 1971, By the way you knew Bandung and Indonesia ? Its the beautiful Country, You should go here.

Now I am an employee of Indonesian Telcom Company, but before I work there I must pass from my College in STT Telkom Bandung.

There's my Biodata if you want to know more about Us you can mail me. Thanks

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